Left Behind Survival Guide

Survival Guide For Those Left Behind!

Oops, I Guess I Wasn’t Ready – If you missed the Rapture
Memorandum – A note from those that were Raptured
A Second Chance for Salvation – There is still hope
The Post Rapture Survival Guide – A plan for the left behind

I personally have made left behind packets for unsaved friends and family. I printed them out and put them in a neat binder with some tracts. I’ve made a few extra, one for my home in case strangers come in after I am gone and one for my car. This way, those left behind will know what happened and that it’s not too late for them as well.

I highly recommend printing this information out, add an intro ‘left behind’ letter from yourself and send to all your friends and family that you care about. Leave on somewhere noticeable in your home so people can find it when you are gone. However, if you are the one left behind, the info is very important for your soul’s survival.