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About Us

First and foremost, I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I was brought up in a Christian family. As most teens did, I strayed some but God always took care of me and I found my way back to Him. I was married to the most wonderful man ever (at least in my opinion!). He was more than just a husband, especially the way the world views marriage these days.. he was my best friend. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in April ’07. Pat decided to go home on July 20, 2008. I miss him more than I ever dreamed possible but I rejoice in the fact that very soon, we will be reunited and will spend eternity together. 

I had heard all my life, that Jesus would be coming back soon for his people. I always pushed it off because people had been saying it for so long. I didn’t WANT Him to come back in my lifetime, truth be told. I wanted to grow old with my husband, have a family, watch my grandkids grow up. Life can change in just a second though. Even while Pat was ill, we both felt that the rapture was getting closer and closer.

Come on, be honest. You have to admit how terrible the world has gotten in the past years. People have no regard for each other. They don’t care about family, friends or anything anymore. Murders are so common, no one bats an eye at it. The Middle East is a nightmare and spilling into our own country. Israel is fighting for it’s very existence. Prophecy is being played out before our eyes. Christians are now being persecuted here in the US. Disease is running rampant. Every person knows at least one other with cancer, not to mention all the other crazy things going round. These things you can’t deny.


There is nothing left that must be completed before He returns. That is the purpose of this website. We are all so busy on this earth, we often forget to take time for those most dear to us. I want to have eternity to make it up to my friends and family and to meet new friends, yes YOU! The rapture is coming very soon. I want you to be sure and go as well. So once again, I ask you to read through this site.

If you are saved, then be SURE you are saved and that you have NOTHING that will keep you out of heaven in your life. Unforgiveness, lying, cheating…. All these little things are sin and it will keep you out of heaven. If you aren’t saved, or you are not sure that you are saved, please take the steps to correct that now. Today. There isn’t much time left. Even if I am wrong, look how many people are dying around us at early ages. Every second, two people die. What if this was your second?

Don’t take the chance. If you decide to ignore me and think I’m just so crazy, I don’t know what I am saying, then at least put this site in your favorites but DON”T FORGET ABOUT IT. Why? Well, just think for a minute. What IF, I am right? And you ignore me now. You will NEED this info after the rapture takes place. There will still be hope for you. VERY slim hope, but still hope, none the less. Keep the site, even better, print out a packet and stick it in a closet or basement. Trust me on this.

If you are saved and ready for Heaven, then that is WONDERFUL! You personally won’t need the left behind information but think for a minute. Is there someone you know that isn’t saved? If so, tell them to get ready. If they won’t listen now, keep this site in your favorites or print a packet and put in a easy to find place in your home. If the rapture comes (and it is coming) and you are taken to Heaven, then eventually someone will be in your home. Family members, friends, even burglars searching for food and valuables in the tribulation period. If they are still here, then they will definitely need this info too.

Remember most of all, I love you and I pray for you and your family every single day. I hope above hope that you will listen to me, seek God for the answers and make the right choices. I plan on being in Heaven soon with my husband, meeting my mother in law for the first time and having a wonderful time. You’re invited to one big happy reunion.

Love you in Christ,
Stephanie Osborne